Hybrid Globe 2013, Toronto

A selected entry for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche in Toronto, “Hybrid Globe” design and build project: A new generation of light-weight spherical structures (with fewer elements  comparison to geodesics, diameter = 4.5 m, weight: 180 kg), Client: City of Toronto, TSE, in collaboration with M. Ghiyaei and A. Wrigglesworth, May – October 2013. Also sponsored by Ryerson University as well as with the help of many students namely from Department of Architectural Science at RU-Toronto.
Link to SB-Nuit Blanche website: http://2013.scotiabanknuitblanche.ca/project.html?project_id=1338
Link to a videography: http://ccca.concordia.ca/nuitblanche/nuitblanche2013/artists/75m.html
Link to Hybrid Globe website: http://hybridglobe.wix.com/hybridglobe#!media/cevy


Diagram and Photo: Mojtaba Samimi


Mohammad Mehdi Ghiyaei, Intern Architect; BArch, BA (Philosophy)

Arthur Wrigglesworth, Architect; MArch, OAA Associate Professor, Department of Architectural Science, Ryerson

Mojtaba Samimi, MArch Architect/Researcher, R.M.M. Solarch Studio

The Team
The ambition for, and the realization of, a project with significant aspirations and a very high public profile could not have been achieved without the support of many individuals and organizations who graciously and often without realizing their impact, redefined ‘gift-in-kind’ and ‘volunteerism’. Whether the contribution was large or small, the overall result was crucial to the project’s success.
Develop Assistants:
The following individuals joined the ‘discussion’, working with the designers through the long and complex design development process:
Damineh Dehnadfar
Delaram Farzanfar
Mandana Rezapourian (graphic communications)
Regina Shing
Yousef Thompson
The Hybrid Globe could not have been realized without the huge contribution made by many people who stayed up late, worked in the rain, ‘just’ held up the sphere, and agreed to be ‘shanghaied’ at the last moment:
Marco Acacia, Matt Breton, Nicholas Callies, Youhyun(Alice) Chang, Victoria Chow, Ariel Cooke, Ramoncito Espino, Mark Eyk, Bijan Ghazizadeh, Kate Gonashvili, Carrie Groskopf, Min (Jeff) Jang, Naveed Khan, Erald Kokalari, Rachel Law, Frankie McRae, LeeAnn Pallett, Alvin Tanoko, Siavash VazirNezami, Danielle Van Ooteghem, Doan-Thy Vo, Alexander Wrigglesworth, Matthew Wrigglesworth, Sanahin Yekanians, (plus many more!)
Project Support
The Designers offer a very special thanks to the many individuals and organizations that supported the incredible success of the Hybrid Globe through the loan of space, equipment, and manufacturing facilities as well as their valuable time and advice:
Applied Electronics Limited – InFocus Projectors
Blackwell – David Bowick
Computing and Communication Services, Ryerson University – Steven Pelletier
Department of Architectural Science, Ryerson University – Frank Bowen, Blaine Evans, Leo Roytman
Department of Civil Engineering, Ryerson University – Daniel Peneff
Derivative.ca – TOUCHDESIGNER077
Rogers Communication Centre, Ryerson University – Jeremy Littler
Ryerson Theatre School – Sholem Dolgoy
Town of Oakville – Information Systems + Solutions Department
Nuit Blanche
This project would have remained a long-distance discussion, a digital model, a styrofoam cup sphere if not for the Nuit Blanche event and the PARADE exhibition. For the incredible opportunity to participate in this extraordinary celebration of ART and to touch hundreds of thousands of people, the Designers are most grateful to the sponsors, curators, organizers, staff, and volunteers who made the event a great success, especially:
Patrick Macaulay – Curator, PARADE exhibit, scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2013
Umbereen Inayet – Programming Supervisor, Economic Development & Culture, City of Toronto
Allison Duchaine – Special Events Supervisor, Production, Toronto Special Events

01_Hybrid_Globe_Damineh (6)

02_Hybrid_Globe_Damineh03_Hybrid_Globe_Damineh04_Hybrid_Globe_Mojtaba05_Hybrid_Globe_Mojtaba06_Hybrid_Globe_Mojtaba07_Hybrid_Globe_Mojtaba08_Hybrid_Globe_Mojtaba09_Hybrid_Globe_Mehdi_Arthur10_Hybrid_Globe_Damineh11_Hybrid_Globe_Mehdi12_Hybrid_Globe_MehdiPhotos by: Damineh Dehnadfar, Mohammad Mehdi Ghiyaei & Mojtaba Samimi


And even more ideas developed and/or under development by Mojtaba Samimi and Mohammad Mehdi Ghiyaei.