Grid Points: Montreal Island

The graphs present the location of the weather observation stations (in the Island of Montreal) as well as the weather forecast GRIB2 data points of different datasets provided by Environment Canada numerical weather prediction. The NWP models included here are GDPS, RDPS and HRDPS (Both East & Continental Domains).

The two numbers provided on each Grib2 point, present row and column numbers: [i,j] that can be useful in quick access to the matrix values of each grid.

To have a larger view of Montreal’s metropolitan area you can visit here.

For more information about different weather forecast datasets and their applications, you can find “Weather Forecast Data an Important Input into Building Management Systems”, ICEBO-2013 which is available via the following line:

Note: The red point on the graphs illustrates the position of the EV building i.e. the CZEBS: Centre for Zero Energy Building Studies at Concordia University.

The grid of Surface Weather Observation (SWOB):SOLARCHVISION_Grid_SWOB_Montreal_Island

The grid of  Global Deterministic Prediction System (GDPS):SOLARCHVISION_Grid_GDPS_Montreal_Island

The grid of Regional Deterministic Prediction System (RDPS):SOLARCHVISION_Grid_RDPS_Montreal_Island

The grid of High Resolution Deterministic Prediction System (HRDPS), East DomainSOLARCHVISION_Grid_EHRDPS_Montreal_Island

The grid of High Resolution Deterministic Prediction System (HRDPS), Continental DomainSOLARCHVISION_Grid_CHRDPS_Montreal_Island