HRRR: High-res (NCEP)

The graphs are post-processed from parameters of NOAA/NCEP High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) data issued on the April 12, 00Z 2018 US National Weather Service numerical weather prediction (NWP) models (NOAA/NCEP).

For latest updates and more info regarding HRRR dataset please also visit NOAA website:

Fhr: 002 – 018
Level: Surface (2m-10m)

20180412_HRRR00Z_FLOWxEFF_TGL_10Wind speeds and directions, precipitation and direct solar effect (SOLARCHVISION passive model)
20180412_HRRR00Z_FLOWxPRM_TGL_10Wind speeds and directions with mean sea level pressure in the background
20180412_HRRR00Z_FLOWxPCP_TGL_10Wind speeds and directions with precipitation rates in the background
20180412_HRRR00Z_TMP_TGL_2Air temperature 2m