Crown Hall – 1950

Architect: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

S. R. Crown Hall is one of several famous buildings designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. This building is located in Chicago. (Geographical location: 41.833276 N, 87.627254 W)

Simplicity, openness and transparency are the most notable
features of S.R .Crown Hall. Fully integrated with the urban context, Crown Hall, as the icon of Illinois Institute of Technology, makes a dynamic interaction within city and occupants. But after decades, the result of the stunning simplicity and elegance of Mies’ transparency came with the environmental challenges. In 2006 the entire building envelope experienced a complete rehabilitation. Although the historical building envelope (U=1.025, SHGC=0.844) was replaced with a better performance glazing (U=0.572, SHGC=0.431), still it doesn’t fully comply ASHRAE 90.1 baselines. Extensive glass panels with exposed metal mullions create a considerable thermal bridge along the building envelope especially in severe winters of Chicago. On the other hand, the building has a better performance during summer. Internal and external shading devices, passive ventilation solution which is integrated with the building envelope alongside the surrounding plants make the upper core atmosphere close to the comfort zone.” – Ramin Ghods

Below you can find summer and winter SOLARCHVISION analysis of this building.

Summer Solar Climatic Analysis of Building Interior (June 21 to September 22)

Winter Solar Climatic Analysis of Building Interior (December 21 to March 21)

 Solar Positive and Negative Effects in Chicago

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Photos: by Ramin Ghods