Maskan Bank Complex

2003 – 2005, Bandarabass, Iran

Architect: Mohammad Yousef Nili

Assistant architects: Nima Rafiezadeh, Mohammad Tahsildoost

Solar studies on South facade and 3D Modeling: Mojtaba Samimi, Nima Rafiezadeh

The Maskan Bank building is designed in a hot and humid region of Bandarabass, Iran. Considering the impacts of the sun on the South side of this office building, the horizontal shading devices were optimized to improve building performance.

South facade 3D model

South view – under construction

Night view

Interior view – behind the shading devices

Direct solar radiation model

Annual radiation model

Annual radiation model – behind the shading devices

Temperature Model

Positive and negative effects of direct radiation

Annual solar-climatic performance analysis

Annual solar-climatic performance analysis – behind the shading devices

Annual solar-climatic performance analysis i.e. showing the performance of shading devices. (left: without shading devices, right: with shading devices)