Darabad Residential Building

Unfortunately before the start of our collaboration, the structural axis lines of this residential building have been constructed. Where possible the studio collaborates by re-designing the interiors and coordination of the facades. Considering the orientation of the building to the east and the west and despite having performed solar analysis that basically shows a remarkable need for installation of shading devices for west direction (without being asked by the client); the project was finally built without these specifications. The whole process presented here simply highlights some the complexities in building industry in both local and global scales! How much an architect should invest time on the presentation of an idea using 2D/3D models can be simply compared to what does really matter but simply can be omitted anywhere in the design/construction/operation phases.
2010 – 2011
Location: Darabad, Tehran
Geographical Location: 35.816197 N, 51.492105 E
Annual Solar-Climatic Performance Analysis of Typical Floor Plan
(Regarding this analysis application of external shading devices for west-oriented windows  is essential.)
Annual Radiation Model of Typical Floor Plan
 Lobby Perspective